Digi Nail Art Machines, digital nail art printers for painting nails

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Digital nail art machines act as a nail art painter and make nailart easy.

We'd like to introduce to you the latest in nail art technology, brought to you by Digi Nail Art™.

Choose from 1000's of designs, or let the client design their own, even photographs can be scanned into the machine. Whatever you can imagine can be printed onto the nail.


Five nails can be printed quickly and easily, imagine that.
This is a way to make money and be ahead of the competition. A single nail costs a few pennies, so the profit potential can be extraordinary.

The DIGI NAIL ART™ MACHINE is accurate because it picks out the shape of each individual nail and only prints on the nail. Its quick and clean.

No-one can fail to be impressed by this machine, your customers will love it and soon become regular users!

For more details contact us now on 087 076 NAIL 5
(0870 766 2455)

This is the Machine that professional nail technicians use.
Why don't you join them.

With expert use, this technology can be implented to an exceptional level. With our guidance and training, you can be sure of being qualified to a high standard. Only with our thorough teaching can you acheive superb results using a nail art machine.

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Unlimited designs

International distributors required.

We have exported our machines to many Countries throughout the world.

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