Your questions regarding digital nail print art answered

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Frequntly Asked Questions

Can you digitally print a French manicure?

Yes, but the printer will not paint white, so the French manicure will be slightly different. You would paint the whole of the nail with a white base coat, then print your french manicure design over the top. This way you can give a French manicure a whole new meaning with endless digital designs.

Is it safe?

Yes, your hand is held by a clamping device that gently secures your fingers whilst the printer paints onto your nails. As the printer only sprays the paint, your fingers are never touched by any harmful apparatus.

Can it really print onto five fingers at once?

Yes, it certainly can. It will print four fingers from one hand and the thumb from the other, sounds complicated but it is the easiest and fastest way to print all nails in a pair of hands.

Do I need to be a qualified nail technician?

No, you just need training from us, and then you will be proficient in Digi Nail Art.

How long do the digital designs last?

Up to 2 weeks if the nails are looked after. Longer than this and the nails will start to grow out. Best results are obtained with two coats of protective top coat.

How much training would I need?

It depends on the individual. If you consider your self to be computer literate and have a background of nail care, then 1 hours training should suffice. Otherwise, you may need a day or more.

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