Seven New Nail Trends for 2019

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Mint Manicure

While some of us prefer to stay on a conservative side and get similar nail polish pattern and color each time, there is nothing with a little summer experimenting with different trends. The neutrals from 2018 are leaving and the new patterns are entering the scene for 2019. Each year we see a wild crop of nail trends, like the unforgettable corkscrew, but besides them there are always some winners that you can and should try.

With the end of spring near and the start of summer just around the corner, let's take a look at what manicures you might want to rock for all those summer parties. One thing is for certain none of these looks is boring!

1. Negative-Space Ribbon

Negative-space is not new, but the ribbon right through the middle of the nail is. We are not talking unpainted moons or tips here - take it right through the middle and dazzle. Ask you nail technician to block off a thick diagonal strip across each nail to get the look just right.

2. 90's Glitter

If you think glitter looks good on everything, we have to agree with you. It is certainly good on the nails, especially if it's 90's inspired. Go for it and you will get noticed with your homage to Lisa Frank.

3. Animal Prints

Animal prints rule everywhere this year, and nails can't be an exception. We are talking snakeskin boots, croc-effect handbags, and leopard tights. Nail art can and should mimic those patterns if you want to be trendy this summer. Try Dalmatian spots, cheetah effects, and zebra motives.

4. Jewel and Furry Accents

Jewels and crystals are not for earrings and rings anymore. Add some sparkle or a cheeky accent on your nails and pop out from of crowd. To make an ultimate statement, request a matte polish with a few accents, like rhinestones and stickers.

5. Mixed Medium

If you can't seem to make up your mind when it comes to nail polish color, you are in the right year, because in 2019 you don't have to. You are encouraged to mix colors, prints, and even textures as much as you want. One note of caution - make sure you stick to the shades from the same wheelhouse to avoid chaos.

6. Slime-Green Tips

The colors that nobody ever wanted are all the rage now. It's time to get all those discounted slime-green hues out into the daylight and enjoy a modern kind of French mani-pedi.

7. Press-on Textures

Nail art is ever popular and universal; it just changes from year to year. 2019 changes brought some welcome DIY trend of press-on rhinestones and textures. You can play with different patterns at home and save some money. Some brands, like Alice + Olivia already have such home nail kits for your ultimate sparkle.

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